Political Science Applied (PSCA) is a freely accessible peer-reviewed online journal. The aim of PSCA is to provide a practice oriented approach to political science and its application. In particular, the idea is to show, based on examples, where and how political science theories, approaches and methodologies can be used in practice. The practical orientation is realized by creating a link to policy advice, specific policy fields, political education and teaching, as well as to relevant institutions. Authors include in particular scientists and policy actors.

Each volume covers a specific topic and is composed of a number of articles that address this topic from a variety of perspectives.


The authors are responsible for the content of their contribution. The editors do not take any responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the articles published in PSCA.


The actual and all previous volumes are freely available on the journal’s website www.psca.eu in pdf-formate.


Contributions can be published in German or English. It is possible that a volume includes articles in both languages.


online (a print version is possible, depending on funding)


Unregular (1-3 volumes per year)


The editors define the topic of each volume, partly based on board members’ suggestions. Special Issues on particular topics can be coordinated by guest editors.

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