Volume | 8 : 'Rwanda'

Against the background of the 2017 Presidential Elections, Vol. 8 of PSCA deals with the current political and economic situation in the Republic of Rwanda. It gathers a total of 10 articles with a view to combining scientific and practical perspectives.

Vol. 8 has been published in October 2017 and can be downloaded here:

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Table of content:

Editorial - Jakob Lempp, Angela Meyer und Jan Niklas Rolf

Das politische System der Republik Ruanda – ein Überblick - Jakob Lempp

 Paul Kagame: Zwischen Erfolg und Scheitern - Thomas Spielbüchler

Rwanda from Genocide to Prosperity: Toward a Deliberative Model of Democratic Legitimacy in Africa?  - Fidelis Etah Ewane

There and Back Again! – Rwanda’s Regional Choices between Central and East Africa - Angela Meyer

 Murambi – Der Hauch des Todes als Erinnerungskultur? - Christian Hergolitsch

Gorillas für Frieden? Die Bedeutung des Tourismussektors für Ruanda - Lisa Trogisch

“Crowding Out” of Development Assistance for Health: The Case of Rwanda - Zunera Rana und Gregor van der Beek

Development of a Framework for Macroeconomic Decision Making in Rwanda - Hermann van Boemmel

The Contribution of Research Networks to Implementing Vision 2020 – Experiences of a Development Project Dealing with Macroeconomic Policy Advice - Oliver Serfling und Lena Paßelewitz

Where Does the Money Come From? An Analysis of the Public Budget of Rwanda’s Economy between 1990 and 2015 - Zunera Rana, Gregor van der Beek und Richard Kabanda