Volume | 3 : `New forms of political participation´

The third issue of PSCA deals with "New forms of Political Participation". Illustrated by examples, a collection of five articles discusses pros and cons, potential and challenges, possibilities and limitations of new forms of political participation.

All articles are in German.

This issue has been published in March 2014.

Articles can be downloaded for free, either separately or as complete edition.

PSCA Volume 3: `Neue Formen politischer Partizipation´ (New forms of political participation)

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Editorial, Jakob Lempp/ Angela Meyer

Direkte Demokratie in der Schweiz, Angelo Maiolino

Reif für Direkte Demokratie? Fallstudien zur Direkten Demokratie in Österreich, Erwin Leitner

Die Europäische Bürgerinitiative, Stephan Dreischer

Wie wollen wir in Zukunft repräsentiert werden?, Rita Trattnigg / Thomas Haderlapp 

Partizipation und Internet, Christoph Meißelbach