Volume | 2 : `Political consulting´

In the second issue of PSCA, we present a collection of seven articles dealing with "Political consulting". The authors who are scientists and practioniers analyse and illustrate how political consulting has emerged and has been established as a business in Germany and Austria, present different aspects and areas of application, and discuss the applicability of a profit-driven market logic in politics.   

Except for Marco Althaus' contribution, all articles are in German.

This issue has been published in July 2013.

Articles can be downloaded for free, either separately or as complete edition.

PSCA Volume 2: `Politikberatung´ (Political consulting)

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Editorial, Jakob Lempp/ Angela Meyer

Reflections on Advisory Practice in Politics, Marco Althaus

Politikberatung in Deutschland, Thurid Hustedt / Sylvia Veit / Julia Fleischer

Politikberatung in Österreich, Bettina Kölbl-Resl

Kommunalberatung, Erwin Fellner

Unternehmensberatungen in der Politikberatung, Jakob Lempp

Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Politikberatung e.V., Dominik Meier

Politikwissenschaftliche Politikberatung? Eine kritische Polemik, Gregor Giersch