An article submitted to the PSCA must be an original, unpublished manuscript which is not under consideration for publication any other journal.

Manuscripts can be submitted according to the requirements as defined in the corresponding "call for papers". Complete manuscripts should be sent electronically to: 

Author guidelines:

Unless otherwise detailed in the Call for Papers, the following requirements apply:

Title: Ideally, brief and concise

Abstract: Please provide abstracts in German and English of approximately 250 words each.

Keywords: Please indicate 5 to 6 keywords.

Language: German or English.

Layout: No restrictions, layout and typesetting will be done by the editors. Do include graphs and tables only if necessary and if you hold the rights on this material.

Length: Unless otherwise stated, articles should be approximately 3500 words long.

Peer Review:

All submitted papers that apply to the above listed requirements are reviewed in a double blinded process:

1. Receipt of the article by the editors.

2. First review by the editors.

3. Identification of two reviewers, if possible among the editorial board, according to field of expertise, no personal or professional relationship.

4. Contact of reviewers by the editors.

5. Composition of review, according to the following criteria: relevance, respect of scientific standards, readability, topicality, compliance with the profil of PSCA. Reviewers are provided with a standardized template.

6. Decision upon acceptance or rejection of the manuscript by the editors, based on the reviewers' recommendation. In case of dissent, a third reviewer will be consulted.

7. Notification of the author upon the final decision, and further revisions required, if any.

8. Publication of the manuscript on the PSCA website.

The author alone is responsible for the content of his/ her article. The editors do not assume any responsibility for the correctness of the content published in PSCA.